Frequently Asked Questions

Tridentity, your personal Digital Identity Elevated.

Tridentity provides you access to an ecosystem of services at your fingertips which is powered by Web3.0.

Tridentity is a proprietary digital identity platform that also functions as a unified channel for robust customer authentication and verification. Tridentity will serve as a central hub of integration that connects to all and provides its users a well curated range of products and services.

Tridentity is developed by Trident Digital Tech Pte. Ltd., a Singapore-based private company.

What makes Tridentity unique lies in it being a digital identity platform that allows for it to both function as a central hub that is connected to an endless number of services and also a universal single sign-on channel where users can seamlessly connect with other digital applications and platforms.

This sets Tridentity apart from conventional ‘Superapps’ and we aim to redefine the concept of what a Superapp can truly be.

In summary, Tridentity will allow you to:

Connect with other users and services: with your own unique digital identity, you will be able to connect with other users within our own metaverse and leverage on your digital identity to seamlessly sign into other service offerings provided by Tridentity

Be rewarded with more benefits: you will be able to maximise your digital identity with our very own Tridentity membership where you will earn loyalty points for eligible transactions linked to Tridentity.

Access state-of-the-art technology: we are bringing cutting edge technology for you to experience at your fingertips and giving accessibility to users to our integrated metaverse that redefines how our users socialise, connect and get rewarded in a digitally connected universe.

Safe and genuine transactions: you will be able to seamlessly transact in an online store through smart, contract-enabled distributed applications (dApps) over the blockchain, these products will be guaranteed by the blockchain to be unique and secure.

Tridentity’s digital identity is blockchain-powered and is meant to represent you throughout the ever-growing digitised world.

With a Tridentity digital identity, you will be able to access a plethora of different online services and applications that are part of Tridentity’s ecosystem and our affiliated partners whilst also reaping the benefits of Tridentity’s own membership programme.

Through the use of blockchain technology that our digital identity operates on, the added layer of data integrity and enhanced cybersecurity measures will safeguard your online personal information and ensure that your personal information is well protected.

Each Tridentity Membership is powered by our proprietary blockchain technology and exists as a Non-Fungible Token (“NFT”) and is further enhanced with a loyalty points programme that rewards each Tridentity member as they carry out this offers several unique benefits over conventional memberships that exists in the Web2.0 space:

True ownership and provenance: Tridentity’s NFT membership allows for future exchange or transference of membership without disputes over ownership

Transparency and trustworthiness: Ownership of each NFT is recorded on a ledger and is immutable and this streamlines authentication of any users’ actions and transaction

Interoperability of benefits: Tridentity’s membership is created to support cross-platform interactions and this allows our users to seamlessly enjoy their membership benefits across different services

Our loyalty points programme is centered on rewarding our users through their transactions and interaction on the Tridentity platform. Through earning loyalty points, our members will be able to exchange the points to offset their purchases or redeem exclusive rewards that are found within the Tridentity ecosystem.

As the Tridentity platform grows and develops, we will introduce and updates the ways in which loyalty points can be earned.

Within the Tridentity ecosystem, we are continuously improving and developing the list of services to meet the needs of our users. At the launch of our core application, the Tridentity App, we have prepared to launch several ready-to-use services across the following three verticals:

Events - TriEvents
Food - TriFood
Metaverse - TriVerse

Tridentity will periodically release new versions of its platform to adjust with the growing consumer readiness in accepting Web 3.0 technology and we plan to bring forth elements of virtual and augmented reality to transform the landscape of what is possible for e-commerce omni-channel shopping experience for all.